How Crypto Payment Solutions Have Changed the Market Articles

In November 2022, Singapore’s central bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), approved separate licenses for Circle and Paxos. In October 2022, the MAS authorized and Coinbase to offer payment services in Singapore. Luno, Digital Treasures Center,, Genesis, and Sparrow were among the other firms that received approval from the MAS in 2022 to operate in Singapore.

  • In September 2022, Russia’s Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Russia agreed to let residents use cryptocurrencies for making cross-border payments.
  • In October 2022, Fireblocks launched Payments Engine, a new suite of tools that allows payment service providers to offer blockchain-based end-to-end solutions for merchants, entrepreneurs, and creators.
  • CoinPayments is a dedicated crypto payment solution that allows you to accept 175 cryptocurrencies.
  • In December 2021, we analyzed how crypto payment providers are a threat to traditional payment service providers.
  • Established in 2013, CoinPayments is one of the leading crypto payment service providers in the world.
  • For starters, the platform is easy to integrate into existing e-commerce platforms, so you can start accepting crypto payments quickly and easily.

There are many crypto payment providers in the market, including crypto-native payment providers and traditional payment companies. In this article, we discuss of the popular crypto payment providers that charge a low transaction fee of 1% or less. Let’s take a deep dive into these crypto payment providers and the key products and services they offer. One of the standout features of Coinbase Commerce is its support for multiple cryptocurrencies. In addition, Coinbase Commerce allows merchants to set up custom payment pages, so they can tailor the checkout experience to their brand.

What Is a Cryptocurrrency Payment?

With its vast network of users and simple, user-friendly interface, PayPal is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. A cryptocurrency payment gateway is a payment processor for digital currencies, similar to payment processors gateways and acquiring bank credit cards use. Cryptocurrency gateways enable you to accept digital payments and receive fiat currency immediately in exchange.

You can also use TripleA for accepting crypto payments and transfer settlements in your local bank account. To benefit from the growing demand for crypto payments, many companies are venturing into this space. In November 2022, US-based crypto exchange launched its crypto payment acceptance solution Gate Pay. Initially, it was launched with support for 21 currencies but will later expand to over 130. Despite their brief lifespan, cryptocurrencies have had a profound impact on history.

Crypto Processing Tailored for All Types of Business Model

It’s important to note that digital currency payment gateways are not required. It’s perfectly acceptable to use your personal wallet to accept cryptocurrency payments; however, gateways take the extra work of exchanging cryptocurrency and managing a wallet out of your hands. In October 2022, Fireblocks launched Payments Engine, a new suite of tools that allows payment service providers to offer blockchain-based end-to-end solutions for merchants, entrepreneurs, and creators. These tools allow them to accept, manage, and settle crypto payment transactions globally. In July 2022, Nigeria-based crypto bank Xend Finance launched its payment API product XendBridge. In May 2022, IvoryPay announced the launch of its crypto payment gateway service, which enables merchants to accept payments in stablecoins and the IVRY token.

cryptocurrency payment solutions

In conclusion, the 4 best crypto payment gateways for small businesses are Payeer, Coinbase Commerce, and PayPal. Each of these payment gateways offers unique features, benefits, and advantages for small businesses looking to accept cryptocurrency payments. Payeer is a comprehensive financial platform that offers low transaction fees, fast processing times, and 24/7 customer support. Coinbase Commerce is the best choice for businesses looking to accept multiple cryptocurrencies, with its user-friendly interface, secure storage, and transparent pricing. PayPal is a well-known and trusted online payment system that offers versatility, a user-friendly interface, and high security for both merchants and customers. Ultimately, the best payment gateway for your small business will depend on your specific needs and requirements.

Easily accept payments from digital wallets

Binance offers the Binance Pay service, which enables merchants to accept payments in over 50 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. It offers merchants various products and services, including payment APIs, hosted checkout pages, App SDK, mini-programs, payment links, and payouts. Some of the merchants who use the Binance Pay solution are SafePal,, Egycards, Bitrefill, Coinsbee, CryptoRefills, Lost Relics, and Exeno.

cryptocurrency payment solutions

Established in 2013, CoinPayments is one of the leading crypto payment service providers in the world. The company serves more than 100,000 merchants from over 190 countries. CoinPayments’ payment gateway solution enables merchants to accept payments in more than 175 cryptocurrencies. The company provides many tools for merchants, including shopping cart plugins, payment buttons, APIs, an invoice builder, and point-of-sale tools. As of October 2022, the company has processed over $10B in crypto payments. Coinbase Commerce, which launched in February 2018, is the digital payment service of Coinbase.

Merchants Solution

Point-of-sale systems, e-commerce platforms, billing & accounting solutions, and shopping cart software, among others, can all be integrated with Cryptocurrency Payment Appss. However, introducing online options for bitcoin payments over the forecast period will likely provide new growth prospects for the Cryptocurrency Payment Apps industry. Crypto payment processing means the processing of transactions made in cryptocurrency.

cryptocurrency payment solutions

Additionally, the COINQVEST extension for Magento 2 merchants provides several important features such as real-time conversion between digital and traditional fiat currencies. DePay is a blockchain payment network that facilitates the widespread adoption of blockchain transactions by providing easy integration and payments for Web3 companies. Corefy is a universal feature-rich payment orchestration platform for online businesses and payment institutions. We integrate payment providers and acquirers all around the world to bring a unified communication control and management interface. Enjoy inexpensive transaction fees and increased satisfaction for all parties.

Growing Blockchain Solutions

Learn more about ESG considerations for the crypto asset industry, why it is important and where progress can be made by policymakers and market participants. With Stripe’s simple fiat onboarding and Backpack’s xNFTs, together we’ve built a dramatically improved way for new users to access Web3. With this, you would be displaying your wallet address that your customers can pay to. Paychant also boasts of instant conversions to fiat as a measure against crypto volatility. BitPay initiates a bank settlement to you the next business day.