15 Reasons to Date an Engineer

Thinking about matchmaking a professional? Listed here are 15 reasons why you ought to:

1. Your mother and father will agree.

2. You’ll usually have a pencil as it’s needed. Simply take a look behind his or her ear canal.

3. Can’t do the math? The go out would love to resolve those issues for you.

4. If you buy a property together, it’s going to be structurally seem.

5. Conflict quality will be reached in a calm, logical way.

6. No pretentious dining solutions. Only keep the fridge stocked with beer.

7. The clocks in your stove and DVD player can be ready and synched.

8. Engineers are always up for challenging.

9. Worry and stress in an union is actually manageable. Designers never hightail it from problems.

10. No lazy approaches to dating right here. Engineers are ready to “do it appropriate the first occasion.”

11. You’ll be able to joke about rubbing and gravitational interest.

12. Have actually computer system dilemmas? The date can eliminate “bugs” available.

13. Those busted gadgets at home are certain to get repaired — and maybe enhanced.

14. Want to chat late at night? Designers are designed for all-nighters.

15. Designers are widely used to sporting bands. Merely sayin’.

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